The Cognizant Difference: How we are helping you change the world for the better.

Our world is continuing to change at a rapid pace. Organizations are faced with unprecedented challenges, they need to retool their workforce and transform monolithic applications into modular components (Micro services) that can be delivered rapidly. This continuous delivery will enable them to innovate quickly and deliver software that maintains pace with their competitors.

Adopting lean strategies to deliver software (DevOps) is challenging enough without the added, urgent need, to decompose almost all of the apps in your portfolio to micro services so they are “Cloud friendly”. One problem is that most people simply have no idea how to build applications in a way that is “cloud friendly.” Cloud-friendly applications don’t just run in the cloud, they embrace cloud fundamentals.

Applications built this way enable teams of developers to add new features and react quickly to market changes. This new mode of delivery enables them to maintain pace with market need; or better yet, outpace their competitors. Many companies have already figured out that if they want to compete now and in the future they will need to become a software company.

Every company is becoming a software company – Forbes 2011

My Position
I’ve been fortunate to build teams that have adopted lean strategies for delivering software. These teams can deliver software every 1, 2, 7 … minutes. The intervals don’t matter because the point is they can deliver code to production whenever they need to. Without human intervention software can arrive on a production server as soon as it runs through a continuous integration pipeline. They truly have achieved a DevOps mentality.

Don’t go it alone 
I don’t believe every organization and customer should have to navigate the overwhelming ‘change’ alone to embrace DevOps. I also happen to know from personal experience that they have two fundamental goals:

  1. Adopt new work patterns and and breakdown monolithic applications to cloud friendly instantiations
  2. Because the number of applications impacted by this change is so large they need help to do the work

Cognizant is well positioned to help organizations do at-scale cloud native application transformation. We can help whether it’s streamlining the applications in your existing portfolio or learning how to enable continuous innovation + delivery. Clients can learn DevOps from our practitioners in our purpose built Cognizant Labs facilities around the world and in the process decompose their monolithic applications. Here’s a breakdown of some of our services:

  • Decomposition of Monoliths: We have automated tools to help you analyze, plan and execute the decomposition from monolith to micro services.
  • Enablement: We don’t want you to become reliant on us, we want you to learn DevOps while we build product and go back home and share this with all your friends. Clients can learn with us in two modes; they can engage with us in one of our many Cognizant Labs locations around the globe or we can go on-site to kick-start a DevOps movement with you. Either way we know that adopting new ways-of-working is a huge cultural shift and we are here to help you navigate that transition.
  • Delegation: If you simply want to delegate ownership of your apps we can help you there also. We can own your entire application portfolio and host it on best-of-breed PaaS, PCF.No matter what your needs we’ve got you covered.

In the end
Our world is continuing to change at a rapid pace. Organizations are faced with unprecedented challenges. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. We make it possible for you to do all or some of the following; adopt a new culture, build green-field applications, improve economics for existing maintenance applications and in doing so you will not only survive but thrive in the new world.

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2 Replies to “The Cognizant Difference: How we are helping you change the world for the better.”

  1. Yes, adopting DevOps and decomposing monolith both have their own challenges. Especially, if monolith is not well structured. Non structured monolith is challenging during snap analysis, event storming, event shunting, and obviously during replatforming and remodernization.

    1. At Cognizant Labs our goal is to automate the decomposition of monoliths. Leveraging patterns so we can focus on delivering business value quickly. If you have some thoughts on how to do this we’d love to talk.

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