Ready or not Digital Transformation is Happening Now.

The Situation
Digital Transformation is no longer far in the distance. It’s happening now. But it used to be this distant event that would happen some day. It seems like only yesterday when we started worrying about it. We are in the middle of it now. Every action we take is either the next step in our journey or a desperate move to keep up.
It’s Complicated and we’re Bad Estimators
We all planned to adopt DevOps and break down our applications. It seemed so easy, at the time. We would change every aspect of software delivery over night. Transform our monolithic apps to modular microservices and dominate our markets. It didn’t quite work out that way.
We underestimated the effort it would take to adopt DevOps. It seems silly now. How could we have underestimated the ‘people’ challenges? The truth is, we weren’t very good at estimating waterfall releases. So I guess it’s no surprise we wouldn’t be very good at estimating this transition.
The World is moving on, even if you’re not
The sun is going to set today and it’s going to rise tomorrow. Doesn’t matter if we’re prepared for it or not. Digital Transformation is happening whether you’re ready for it or not. Like sunrise and sunset. Our very existence will depend on our ability to navigate this change.
It’s time to make new plans
Many have given up on their original plans. Sequencing their transformation. Adopt DevOps, transform the apps. We all realize the ‘people’ challenge is going to take time. To be successful we have to give it the time it needs. Like software physics, it will take as long as it’s going to take. But the market isn’t waiting. Our competitors aren’t waiting for us. What about all those apps? We still need to do that work. We need to find someone to do it if we can’t.
Cognizant to the Rescue
At Cognizant we realize you need to do both of these things. We can help you achieve both. DevOps is going to take time. We will work with your teams to show them the way. They will learn-by-doing. The best way to change. The apps are a different story. Through the learning process we’ll tackle some of them. But it won’t be quick enough. That’s why we’re going to help you do this at-scale. We will break down your monolithic apps for you. We will do this now.
We are introducing the concept of Cognizant Labs. Purpose-built facilities where your teams can learn with us at their own pace. Create business value in the process. Digital Transformation doesn’t have to be impossible. It is going to be hard. But with a little help from your friends it becomes a lot easier.
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