Application Transformation in the Digital Economy

Digital disruption has already started for many of our clients. Many companies are facing the challenge of modernizing their infrastructure and transposing legacy value to a cloud context. Simply, the applications that fuel their business today need to run in the cloud.  With so much going on in the world, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, PaaS … companies need to focus now more than ever.

To modernize these applications companies have to work through a lengthy and often error prone process to assess their portfolios of applications. This takes time and often costs millions.  This process requires human capital to complete. Most initiatives fall short of objectives because the right level of controls and insight is not put in place to inform the journey.

The Cognizant Digital Engineering team has been focused on creating a unique set of assets that automate the process of mapping the journey from legacy application deployment to the Cloud. The vital enabler for change is accurate and up to date knowledge of your applications and our tools provide this information in abundance.

Armed with all of this information clients can make intelligent decisions about where to make their strategic investments for the future.  By identifying the applications with the right intersection between business value and ROI they can determine where to start first and begin the modernization process.

The keys to this transformation are these important views:

  1. Business Value of the Applications
  2. Technical feasibility
  3. The Risks to changing these applications
  4. Cost to change
  5. Time
  6. Benefit

By automating this process Cognizant can help organizations freeup their most valuable people to focus on higher value work (innovation). It also enables them to get to the future faster.  More than that, by reducing the manual arduous task of portfolio assessment and providing a consistent journey for applications, we reduce the risk of error and increase the confidence in doing this work.

To learn more about how we are helping to transform applications please send me a direct message.

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