5 Things You Should do now to Succeed Tomorrow 

I usually share my thoughts over 1-2 hour talks. Let’s break that model and distill it right down. If you do these 5 things you’ll be well positioned to be successful in the future. 

  1. DevOps: make Conway’s Law a distant memory. Kick-start a DevOps movement, bringing development and operations together. Break down silos and downstream consumers. Adopt two pizza teams and empower them to succeed by controlling their own destiny.
  2. Microservices: break down monolithic applications to modular services that can be delivered independently. 
  3. Continuous integration: deliver code often and integrate it all the time. Never allow teams to work independently for long without integrating. 
  4. Continuous delivery: every change or completed story doesn’t have to be pushed directly to production but it should be possible if that is the desired outcome. By integrating often we know the code hangs together without regressions. Because all of this is automated we can easily flip a switch and push to production. 
  5. Automation: continuous delivery isn’t possible without automation. Automate everything from code deploy, delivery to production and your infrastructure. Yes treat your infrastructure like you do code, version it, automate it and watch magic happen. 

It’s exciting to be on this cloud journey with you all. I love sharing my experiences and learning from yours. I’d Love to hear your feedback so leave a comment. 

Until next time, c-ya. 

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